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Plant Know-How: Spathiphyllum 'Domino'

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Spathiphyllum 'Domino' isn't your grandmother's Peace Lily. 'Domino' is a variegated variety of Spathiphyllum, meaning unlike the more common all green Spathiphyllum, 'Domino' has swathes of white throughout its leaves. If you want a unique, easy going plant, look no further than Spathiphyllum 'Domino'! Spathiphyllum 'Domino' is nearly identical in terms of care to its all green counterpart. It's easy care and forgiving nature make it ideal for beginning plant parents, or the plant lover who wants something that doesn't need much attention. Whichever you may be we've got all the info you'll need here to take care of your Spathiphyllum 'Domino'!
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Light: Spathiphyllum 'Domino' will do best in medium to bright indirect light. If kept in lower light your plant may begin to produce less white or all green leaves.

Water: Water your plant when about 3/4ths of the soil has gone dry. Spathiphyllum 'Domino' is a plant that will certainly tell you when it's thirsty. If your Spathiphyllum is looking fully wilted, don't worry! Give it a thorough drink and your plant should perk right back up!

Did you know? Spathiphyllum are often said to be one of the best plants for air filtration. This information is based on a study done by NASA in the 60's. More recent studies have found that while Spathiphyllum, like all plants, does filter the air it is not as efficient as previously thought.

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