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Plant Know-How: Tillandsia usneoides

Tillandsia usneoides wide
This funny clump is Tillandsia usneoides, or Spanish Moss! If you've ever visited the Southern part of the United States theres a good chance you've seen this unique plant cascading from tree branches! As you may have guessed from its genus Tillandsia usneoides is an Air Plant. Tillandsia usneoides is an epiphyte that grows in hanging sheets along the branches of trees. There are a lot of misunderstandings about Tillandsia. The name "Air Plant" may make you think Tillandsia only need air to survive. Not true! Air plants need light and water like all other plants. The one thing air plants don't need that some other plants do is soil! This strange plant may seem a bit confounding at first, but once you know the care it needs you'll find Tillandsia usneoides to be a fun and rewarding plant to keep!
Tillandsia usneoides close


Light: Tillandsia usneoides needs bright indirect light to thrive. It may grow in medium indirect light but you'll need to be mindful of how often you water your plant- the less light, the less often you'll need to water.

Water: Watering Tillandsia usneoides, and Tillandsia in general, is often times the most mystifying aspect of their care. You'll want to soak your plant in water every 10-14 days. All parts of Tillandsia usneoides can absorb water so be sure to fully submerge your plant! Leave Tillandsia usneoides soaking for at least an hour whenever you water.

Did you know? Tillandsia usneoides flowers! It produces small, delicate green-ish flowers!

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