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All September long, 10% of all Folia x Baggu Tote sales will go to support the work of LA Compost! #SpendForSoil All September long, 10% of all Folia x Baggu Tote sales will go to support the work of LA Compost! #SpendForSoil


Plant Scout

One of my favorite things about Instagram is the way community can form there. I'm guessing most of us have people we've never met in real life, that we've still managed to form friendships with over Instagram, right? And although at first they annoyed me, once I realized the role hashtags could play in building that community, I began to embrace them.

I'd been scheming about a good community hashtag for Folia Collective for a few days when a friend texted me a photo of a plant she thought I'd like to see, and captioned it '#PlantScout'. I couldn't get it out of my head- it felt like the perfect fit. So, with the permission of my friend, today we're officially launching our first community hashtag: #PlantScout! 

Share the plants you find- whether at a shop, in a friend's house, or out in the garden- by tagging them #PlantScout and we'll share our favorites from the feed on our Instagram. We can't wait to see what you're scouting!   

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Ask The Plants: Zamioculcas Zamiifolia

The Zamioculcas zamiifolia, or ZZ plant (mercifully- the Latin is kind of a tongue twister!) is possibly one of the easiest plants around. It can suffer neglect to the extreme and still pull through. Hardly any light (or only florescent light)? No problem. Forgot to water it for a month and a half? No problem. It even seems to be extra resistant to pests! It's basically the perfect starter plant if you're just getting your feet wet with house plants. 

Even if you're a house plant pro though, the ZZ has a lot to offer. I love its graceful curves, and almost fake looking, deep green leaves (they're so shiny!). 

Want to learn more about the ZZ? Head over to my latest Plant-o-Pedia post at The Jungalow, where I break it down. Happy weekend! 

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