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Plant Know-How: Peperomia albovittata 'Piccolo Banda'

Piccolo banda 1
This cutie is Peperomia albovittata 'Piccolo Banda', sometimes called Peacock Peperomia for its green and red-ish color. Peperomia albovittata 'Piccolo Banda' is endemic to Ecuador where, like others in the Peperomia genus, it grows epiphytically in humid rainforests. If you're familiar with Peperomia you know it's a huge genus with a wide range of looks and different levels of care needed. Peperomia albovittata 'Piccolo Banda' is more similar to other Peperomia such as Peperomia caperata than it is to the more succulent varieties like Peperomia obtusifolia. This type of Peperomia can sometimes be a little mysterious to both newbie plant parents and experienced plant parents alike. That's why we've collected all the info on it that you'll need to ensure success with your new Peacock Peperomia!
Peacock peperomia 2


Light: Peperomia albovittata 'Piccolo Banda' does best in bright indirect light. You can grow your plant in medium indirect light but you will need to adjust how often you water accordingly. The less light a plant is receiving the less frequently you will need to water.

Water: Like most Peperomia, Peperomia albovittata 'Piccolo Banda' does not like to sit in wet soil. Allow about half of the soil to go dry before watering again. Because Peperomia albovittata 'Piccolo Banda' is an epiphyte it will appreciate being potted in an airy, well draining soil. If you don't want to deal with the hassle of mixing your own soil mix, our Folia Favorite Potting Mix is a great choice for your Peperomia!

Did you know? Peperomia albovittata 'Piccolo Banda', like all Peperomia, is pet safe!

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