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Plant Know-How: Sansevieria ehrenbergii

Sansevieria ehrenbergii detail
Sansevieria ehrenbergii is a dwarf species of Sansevieria that grows in a sculptural, fan shaped way. Sansevieria are known for being extremely hardy plants, and Sansevieria ehrenbergii is no different. This hardy nature can be chalked up to Sansevieria ehrenbergii's natural habitat. Sansevieria ehrenbergii is native to Africa where it grows in arid, desert-like conditions. Being adapted for these conditions makes Sansevieria ehrenbergii extremely drought tolerant. This is a great plant for beginners or if you want a plant that doesn't require constant supervision and care. Sansevieria ehrenbergii may be a very hardy and easy going plant, but that doesn't mean it has no care needs. Like all plants Sansevieria ehrenbergii still requires water and light. If you want to know how to best care for your Sansevieria ehrenbergii read on!
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Light Requirements: While Sansevieria ehrenbergii will tolerate low light conditions it will thrive in medium to bright light conditions.

Water Tips for Sansevieria ehrenbergii: Allow your plant to go completely dry in-between watering. When you water be sure to fully saturate the soil. How often you water will depend on how much light your Sansevieria ehrenbergii is grown in. Plants grown in low light conditions will need to be watered significantly less frequently than those grown in bright light. If you're unsure when to water a moisture meter is a great tool!

The Best Soil for Sansevieria ehrenbergii: Sansevieria ehrenbergii needs a very well draining soil mix. Our Desert Potting Mix is a great choice!

Is Sansevieria ehrenbergii Pet Safe? Sansevieria ehrenbergii is not pet safe and can be toxic when consumed by pets. 

Did you know? Sansevieria ehrenbergii can flower! Sansevieria ehrenbergii it grows tall spikes of white flowers that smell strongly of jasmine in the evenings!