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Plant Know-How: Hoya lacunosa

hoya lacunosa hanging
This is Hoya lacunosa, a unique Hoya that makes a great addition to any Hoya lover's home! Hoya lacunosa is a little quirky and has some differences from your typical Hoya. While most Hoya are known for their thick, succulent-like leaves, Hoya lacunosa is a little different. The leaves of Hoya lacunosa tend to stay small, and are much thinner than many of its Hoya relatives. Another difference is Hoya lacunosa's growth habit. Many Hoya are climbers, and will readily attach their vines to anything they touch. Hoya lacunosa grows primarily as a hanging plant, you wont need to worry about your plant growing up any of the nearby furniture! Because of these differences Hoya lacunosa requires some different care than you may be used to with other Hoya. We've got all of the care info here that you'll need to know to best care for your Hoya lacunosa!
hoya lacunosa close


Light Requirements: Hoya lacunosa will grow best in bright indirect light. It may be grown in medium indirect light but it may never flower.

Water Tips for Hoya lacunosa: Your Hoya lacunosa should be allowed to go almost completely dry in-between watering, but don't let it sit dry for too long. Hoya lacunosa's thin leaves mean it isn't able to store water like other Hoya to deal with long periods of drought. 

The Best Soil for Hoya lacunosa: Your plant will grow best in a chunky, well draining soil mix. Our Folia Favorite Potting Mix is a great choice!

Is Hoya lacunosa Pet Safe? Hoya lacunosa, like all Hoya, is pet safe!

Did you know? Hoya lacunosa readily produces clusters of strongly cinnamon scented blooms! This is a Hoya that will flower for you over and over again when given the proper care!