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Paper Jungle Photo Backdrop w/ Flipbooth!

A little over a year ago, as we began remodeling the shop space, we decided to do something a little crazy- instead of just covering the windows in plain paper, why not give passers by something to look at, and a little taste of what was to come? We spent days cutting out paper leaves and created a window covering that definitely got people talking, so when it came time to take it down, it seemed a shame to recycle it, so we set it aside to use later. As prep for our birthday celebration began, a photo booth using all those paper leaves was at the top of our list and Flipbooth seemed like the perfect partner to bring the photo booth fun!  



Step One

Print out and trace leaf shapes (download below) onto paperboard/cardstock. For the large 'fern' leaf, piece together the two pages when tracing onto the paperboard. Cut templates out. 

Step Two

Use the new templates to trace leaves onto the construction paper, arranging the templates to get the maximum number of leaves from each piece. To make an 8' wide backdrop like we did, you'll need around 100 leaves. We used the large scraps of paper leftover to make improvised smaller leaves and created a few, more intricate larger leaves using entire sheets of paper (which were too large to scan for the leaf shape download).  

Step Three

Add detail to the leaves. Use the white paint pen to create the 'veins' on the Alocasia shaped leaves. Take an Exacto knife and cut out a few holes in the Monstera leaves. Fold some of the leaves strategically to add dimension. 

Step Four

Once all the leaves are cut out (this may take several days), you're ready to apply them to the backdrop paper. On a large flat surface, roll out a portion of the paper roll. Arrange the leaves until you're happy with the placement. Try to vary the colors and shapes of leaves that are directly adjacent to each other and place larger leaves strategically so they're sprinkled throughout the entire backdrop, particularly the section that will be in frame in the photos. 

If you're making an 8' wide backdrop, place leaves near the right edge on one roll of paper and leave a 4" wide space on the left edge of the other roll of paper. This will allow you to attach the two sections to each other when you're ready to set the backdrop up. 

Step Five

Once you have the leaves where you want them, start using small tape loops to tape down one leaf at a time in order to maintain the placement you laid out. As you work, check to make sure every leaf has been taped down. 

Set aside a handful of leaves (10-15) to use to cover the seam when you attach the two rolls of paper to the wall or backdrop stand at your event.

Continue steps four and five until you've covered about 6 feet of length on each roll of paper. Carefully roll the paper back up, loosely, if you need to transport the backdrop. 

Step Six

When you're ready to set the backdrop up, attach the top of the first roll to your backdrop stand or to the wall. Attach the second roll, making sure to overlap the edges so the leaf edge is on the top. If using a backdrop stand, create a tape seam down the back of the two pieces. If attaching to a wall, use large tape loops to tape the top piece down to the bottom. 

Once the two sections are attached to each other, use the leaves you set aside to fill in any gaps. If you're using fresh leaves to accent the paper ones, attach them using the t-pins (use the pin to create a 'stitch'). 

Set out any extra fresh leaves as props for the Flipbooth and have fun!

In addition to photo strips and social media sharing, Flipbooth specializes in creating Flipbooks from short videos to give your guests an extra fun memento from your event! They even printed our custom graphic, with the event hashtag, on the photo strips. Head to their site to find out more about how Flipbooth works, and what they can bring to your event. Everyone at the party had such a great time hamming it up in the booth and we had so much fun seeing our Paper Jungle come back to life! 

Free downloadable leaf templates are for personal use only. Link expires  Copyright 2018 Folia Collective. This post is a partnership for trade with Flipbooth. All opinions are our own. 


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